To provide the highest quality of property management services to property owners in Chamonix and the surrounding area, in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our full-time staff of property management specialists are dedicated to offering a complete package of property management services. We separate these services into three categories, management services, cleaning services and maintenance services. We tailor the services we offer to the owner and their property. We can offer property management services to owners of all types of property. Large and small holiday properties, residential properties and commercial properties.

Based in Chamonix we are able to provide services to any properties within the Chamonix Valley and St Gervais. Being based in an area of natural beauty we feel strongly about the impact of the tourist industry on the environment and our policies are designed to help mitigate this impact. Our business is committed to protecting the environment, we have adopted a number of environmentally friendly practices within our business and hope to make a difference for the future. We aspire to be recognized as much for our commitment to environmentally responsible business practices as for the quality of our property management services. We are committed to integrating responsible and sustainable business practices. (Our Environmental policies and guidelines are outlined on our website and in the document entitled ‘ChamServe – Preparing for a Better Future’)

A complete range of environmentally friendly property management services in Chamonix and the surrounding areas. They can be divided into 3 main areas:

  • Management Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Maintenance services

All our staff are subject to continual training and reviews to ensure we provide a top quality service.

  •  Environmentally responsible
  •  Developed from over 10 years of experience
  •  Available to anyone
  •  Tailor made to suit our owners
  •  The highest quality available
  •  Great value for money
  •  A professional service a friendly service based on excellent communication
  •  Dependant on being proactive
  •  Facilitated by having a good relationship with the owner

Our team of property managers can get the best out of your property. Managing your property in a structured and organised manner.

Whilst encouraging procedures to reduce the carbon footprint of your property, by saving energy and reducing waste.

Offering these services
Meet and Greet, Key Holding, Arrival Packs, Welcome Book, Inventory and Maintenance Reporting, Annual Checks, Security Checks.

Our skilled maintenance team are well equipped to keep your property in a tip top condition.
Expert problems solvers and quick to respond they will report back to our owners and resolve problems as they come up. Working with local and like minded environmentally friendly suppliers and partners and using recycled and environmentally sustainable materials.They are able to give advice on how improve your property and how to reduce it’s environmental impact.

Offering these services
Repairs, Replacements, Delivery and installation, Internet setup, Satellite TV Setup, Interior Design, Decorating, Renovation, Project Management, Hot Tub/Pool Maintenance, Gardening, Landscaping, Snow Clearing, Removals, House Clearance, Pest Control.

Our experienced cleaners are honest and dependable, whilst upholding our environmentaly friendly values. They are trained to clean using our strict guidelines and cleaning reports which ensure properties are cleaned to the highest standard, Our cleaners use ecolabel products and materials where possible.

We are able to provide the following cleaning services:
Laundry, Weekly Clean, End of Season Clean, Steam cleaning, Cleaning after renovation and construction, Carpet Cleaning, Daily Maid, Commercial Cleaning.

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