Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Key holding / meet and greet / security deposit / welcome book / check out / security checks / winter checks / inventory checks / appliance checks / smoke alarm test / fire extinguisher checks / attend syndic meetings / point of contact / annual maintenance report

Our service is:

  • environmentally responsible
  • developed from over 20 years of of experience
  • available to anyone
  • tailor made to suit our owners
  • the highest quality available
  • great value for money
  • a professional and friendly service based on excellent communication
  • dependant on being proactive
  • facilitated by having a good relationship with the owner
Property management packages: we can offer a selection of packed services which you can choose from, starting with the basics of provision of standard services of housekeeping and linen laundering, and ad hoc maintenance, to packages incorporating on call support, deep cleaning and maintenance services, weekly housekeeping, security, and of course rental support.

Annual (or bi annual) inventory, security, maintenance checks and deep cleaning. We perform a complete check of your property, updating inventories, checking the functionality and integrity of appliances, furnishings in order to make sure the property is secure and in good working order. We conduct at the same time a maintenance and deep cleaning check which will highlight areas of attention and extra cleaning following a busy rental season.

Start up, vital for the smooth running of the property, it saves both time and money in the long run by setting everything up properly at the start, which enables us to act quickly and make arrangements to solve any issues in the event that something breaks down, and enables our staff to know and understand your property well, and how their duties are to be performed correctly and efficiently. To a larger extend, our setup is dependent on the level of services you will be requiring. For full property management for example, we will need to put in place all our systems and procedures, from property inventory, security, maintenance and cleaning check lists, a property file explaining how everything works, where everything is located, heating systems, water, electric, etc). We set up a welcome book for the property for your guests, which helps them settle in, and provides important information about the property, rules and procedures, emergency contact information and local services and amenities.

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